The cover of the “Doily Dolls“ crochet pattern by Annie Potter
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If you can crochet one small doilie, you can make these fabulos dresses. Inspired by the bed and vanity dolls of the mid 1900?s, but done in crochet instead of the milk disks they were originally made of. Each dress and bonnet is made entirely of small crocheted doilies tied together to form the beautiful dresses (when using the wrapped ribbon bodice as used on the antique ones). A crocheted bodice is also included. Very simple, clear instructions for tieing circles together. Small doll can also be a toilet tissue cover (instructions for lace underskirt included). You can use the old fashioned 8” doll (still being sold today) or the more contemporary 11 1/2” fashion doll.

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Doily Dolls

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