The cover of the “Lace Butterflies Downloadable PDF“ crochet pattern by Annie Potter
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Whether you choose to hang them as ornaments on a tree or in a window, add a tassel for a bookmark, tack to a bobby pin or hairclip, pin to a headband, choker, lapel or most anything; you will find these beautiful butterflies truly enchanting. Crochet with size 10 thread.

This is the downloadable eBook version of this pattern. The document is in PDF format and Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software will be required to open and view the file once it has been downloaded. Acrobat Reader is free from Adobe's website, and there are numerous other free alternative programs available online. Please keep the file in safe place. We allow you to download the file a maximum number of 2 times. This allows the purchaser to have a backup or recovery system in case the document is lost due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the purchaser's control.

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Lace Butterflies Downloadable PDF

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